French Toast Brigade

Handmade greeting cards celebrating all of life's moments.

French Toast Brigade wants to help you celebrate all of the "little moments" in life. Everyone loves receiving mail. Send a unique greeting card to provide a smile to our friends & loved ones whether they're celebrating a birthday, wedding, or just a donut.

New! Colorful Collection

Find the perfect card to celebrate a graduation, engagement, birthday, or something as simple as donuts. This collection of fun colorful patterns will bring a smile to the face of anyone who receives them.

Featured! Cards for Summer

Summer is here and we've got you covered! From weddings to birthdays to ice cream, you'll find a variety of handmade cards for all the sunshine-filled activities of warmer weather. Browse our summertime cards without worrying about getting beach sand everywhere.

Our mobile calendar wallpaper returns just in time for the summer! This iPhone background full of sunshine & ice cream will get you through even the worst of the summer storms. Not even torrential downpours can wash way the fun colorful sprinkles of our July phone wallpaper. Save the image to your phone so you can use it for both the lock and home screens. You'll always have a calendar on hand so you can easily plan beach trips, tropical vacations, and other summer adventures. Using this month's ice cream background is a guarantee smile every time you check your phone. 

We offer free backgrounds to download for your desktop or phone. These hand-drawn illustrations are totally free for you to use and share!